Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Proposal

For our anniversary, while I was upstairs getting dressed, my soon to be fiance' was downstairs, working on filling the entire first floor of our house with candles and flowers. 

As we got ready to "go get the cab" and I walked down toward the stairs, I didn't think anything was unusual until I hit the stairs landing and saw EVERYTHING glowing and vases of flowers filling the scene. I immediately started to cry and squeaked out "NOW?!" To which Esquire began to crack up as he led me to the family room.

He then launched into a truly lovely speech about the impact I've made on his life, how I'm the only one for him, etc. etc. While I was rapidly starting to cry MORE, our dog (Mack) decided he wasn't getting enough attention and started to bark- kind of killing the crying and intensity...

Instead, both of us started cracking up. Esquire composed himself first and continued his truly amazing, heartfelt speech and turned on the TV. Written on the main Zelda screen was a simple "Marry Me".

The perfect proposal for us, a pair of sentimental geeks. The emotional moments continued when Esquire revealed he had letters from our parents, supporting us from afar as they don't live local to DC and couldn't celebrate in the moment with us. While we called them to cheer and exclaim later, the letter reading happened first and in that moment, several happy tears fell. 


Our proposal story is pretty straightforward, but for us-  it was exactly perfect. Every moment before and after has been an adventure that we wouldn't change for all the world. We can't wait to celebrate the love we feel for each other with all of our loved ones and remember how it all began with moments such as these.


*Photographs courtesy of our wonderful "hidden" photographer throughout the proposal, Em Skow

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