Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Life and Times of Mack, May he RIP

Previously from my "about" page: 

"Due to 12-year old Meaghan thinking she could take care of a puppy, they own a grouchy 14 year old dog together who's horrible and adorable. Surprisingly, he shows up as a doodle even more than Esquire.

Plus, he makes a cute ewok, right?"

In the most adult moment of our lives, Esquire and I put our adorable dog, Mack, down. Mack was a lil grouch but, he was our lil grouch. I could write him an epic story but, instead I am going to simply post an epic amount of pictures and videos. Here's an album of your life, little guy. I hope you are enjoying doggie heaven- hopefully there is plenty for you to harumph about there. 

Mack Luby





Mack's Last Day

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