Saturday, August 23, 2014

"We're not getting another dog!" and Other Lies I told both Myself and My Husband

After our dog died this summer... both Esquire and I were devastated. While his solution was "another dog will make us feel better" mine involved a lot more "let's enjoy not having a dog" and "I don't think I can do this again". 

Which, after enough needling, eventually became "we aren't getting a dog until we have kids which is FAR off so, let it go, Husband!"

...and then I got lawyered. 

Me: We don't have enough money for a dog
Esquire: We will if I give up cable! <a much argued point of mine that, with netflix, hulu, etc, we should give up cable conceded!>

Me: Well, we both work! We can't be home to let him out
Esquire: We can install a dog door. I'll pay for it with my own spending money

Me: We can't get a dog- we don't have space for one!
Esquire: I'll rearrange the media room and move everything up to the spare. Without cable, that stuff isn't tied to the space or cable line.

Me: Alright, fine. Good points all. But I am not ready yet.
Esquire: No worries, Luby. I understand. We need time to get over Mack. He was a great dog., along with "We are so going to the gym tomorrow" or "I just need to get one thing from Target", while I REALLY wanted to believe we were going to be dog free for awhile longer, "We're just going to look at available dogs" turned out to be as much of a lie as "no more french fries for me!" 

I saw this little guy's face and fell in love. I am now just as to blame as Esquire in all of this. He is just... so ugly he is cute. He has one eye. He appears to be part walrus. He has an underbite. He is short, fat, and DESPITE WHAT WE WERE TOLD, sheds. 

But look at this face! 

I mean. Really. How could you not love that face? 

His head is half the size of his body. And again, I have to say, UNDERBITE! 
Ah! So charming! So ugly! He's a total Yoda, so ugly he's cute!

And when he sits, his stomach lays on the ground. Part walrus. I'm tellin' ya. 

Esquire isn't being smug with his victory but, he does seem quite happy with the end results. 

So, as of today... we are once again, a couple with a dog. Dog seems pretty psyched about it too. Today is just day 1 with our latest family member but, as we get to know him better and give him a proper name- you'll be kept in the loop! 

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