Thursday, October 30, 2014

Odin: God of Thunder & Bad Boy

Our new pup finally has a name that suits him. Meet Odin!

Yes, as in the God of Thunder's Dad, the Allfather and ruler os Asgard.

It's been an adjustment in the 7 weeks we have had him. Lil bro is what would typically be termed a "bad dog". He likes to be pet certain ways, he doesn't like to be told what to do. Do the wrong thing, touch him in the wrong area... snarls and growls.

It's been a huge change for our routine. Not just having a dog but, training him. Working with him. Multiple techniques in rotating series and trying to find what works. Getting him used to us, our house, our friends, and families.

I never thought I'd have a "bad dog". And Odin is I suppose what a typical bad dog would be. Snarly, growly, independent. Not used to being with people 24/7.  Having a bad boy has made me realize: bad dogs have a bad rep.

Odin is a sweet and scared little guy. When he gets scared, when he feels cornered, unsure, when we touch him somewhere that hurts (still has a lot of scabbing and sores)... he erupts in snarls and growls. We're learning, he's learning. Somehow, along the way, he lost the eye. Somehow, he picked up a split and scarred nose. Scratches under his right arm pit. Scarring on his back and rear legs.

Since he's not afraid of dogs but has a tendency to flinch and get aggressive with humans, seems the puzzle might add up to a trauma with past people in his life. Which makes me sick. Which is sick.

Having a dog that has issues has made me realize a lot of things about myself and my husband. About people and pets I had previously judged to be "bad". Bad dogs, bad owners.

There's no such thing as a bad dog. There's just dogs who need more than others. Dogs who want to please us and need to be shown how. Bad owners exist but there are also owners who are trying. Who are at their wits end and trying to work with their troubled pet.

Nothing much else is happening in our mini family! Just working to improve and learn, a day at a time. Besides learning that Odin is a stereotype bad boy with a good heart, we are also finding out some of his more fun traits and learning to recognize them.

For example: when he yawns, he looks like Cera from "Land before Time".

And how when he sees his leash he will do back flips. And pounce on his toys that look like mice.

When we adopted him, we were told he didn't like to play with toys much. Chase balls. That he was very sedentary and chill. 

Not true. Not a single thing of that was true. 

Odin loves toys. All of them. Balls and squeaks and twigs. He'll bat paper around when he's bored. He likes to play with the edges of the blankets hanging off the sofa. With our laces on shoes. With our dangling feet that seem to need bats and kisses. 

When he gets happy, he looks like the luck dragon from "Neverending Story".

He looks like Falcor when you pet him too. 

More to follow on the fam and our Odin soon! Love you all <3